Staff changes announced at CEO

Dory Dannettell to RECC

dd 01Community Educational Outreach announced today that staff member Dory Dannettell will assume management responsibilities of services at CEO’s Jefferson County Probation site located at the Resource Educational Community Center (RECC) in Lakewood.  Dory will continue as CEO’s Program Director.

Dory stated, “We work with both juvenile and adults (age 16 and over) on Probation and the need to complete their GED or plan for a successful college/career transition. Additionally, at the RECC we serve local community members interested in preparing to take their GED test.”

The program is funded through both federal Adult Education grant funds and Senate Bill 94 funds, therefore it is offered free to the public.

Vanessa Montano Appointed ICCS Lakewood PD

Current CEO staff instructor Vanessa Montano has been appointed Program Director at van 01the ICCS men’s facility at 1651 Kendall Street.

Vanessa reports, “My responsibilities are to oversee the staff and program and ensure everyone’s success. I believe the big challenge for me is moving into a leadership position.”

In addition, Vanessa will set planning agenda’s, manage budgets and develop staff personnel.


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