CEO Contest Winner

Michael is the winner of our latest writing contest at Community Education Outreach.

The Missing Link to the Underground Troll Tribe

By Michael Melick – CEO Client

CEO Trolls

On a cold blistery day Jack entered into the local museum. He was in search of a clue to
find more facts about the missing link of the underground troll tribe. He found the book section and looked at the town’s history.

While he was reading, he found a section that dealt with a prophecy of one to settle a war. This caught his attention right away. He made a photocopy of this, and then left with no luck about the trolls. The next day he visited the magi that lived on the out skirts. When he arrived the magi was outside sitting.

“I’ve been waiting for you”, the magi said.

“Why?” he responded.

“It’s about the prophecy, you found yesterday.”

The magi then went inside and waved me in. It was cluttered with all kinds of weird things, like a talking globe.

“I’m going to tell you one thing then you will have to go.”

“What do you mean?”

“You’re the one the prophecy is talking about. This might change our way of life.”


“You have to go now.”

CEO birdI left confused about all what was going on.  When I was back on the stoned paved street.  I noticed movement in the bushes that bordered the brook. I quickly change into a bird to get a better look.

What I saw shocked me greatly. Two trolls were kidnapping this young beautiful girl. I then swooped down to help. That failed. The flayed a club that hit my wing and made me fly into a tree. I heard one of them say, ‘we got dinner now, go get that bird.’

I quickly changed into a troll and pretended to be asleep. The troll that was sent came into view. He came up to me grunting about being sent. Slowly I moved my hand onto the hilt of my sword, and waited. The time came as soon as I got the sword into my hand. He had turned his back on me and was going in a different direction.

I swung my sword with all my strength and hit the troll in the head. He stumbled a bit, and then fell face first. I could tell right then he was dead from the blow. I chose to hide my sword in my sack, and then picked up his club and walk back to the other troll.

When I got there, the troll had made a fire and was sitting on the ground. I soon was being picked up with the lightning blow he swung. I did not expect him to get up so fast. After being stunned, I got up and swung the club at him. Which to no avail missed him? The next thing I know was that I had a dagger in my stomach. Stumbling around for a bit.  I then tried again and hit him in his knees.

He fell then asked, “Who are you?”

“I’m the one that has come to kill you.”

“I will do anything to spare my life and my people’s life. I am the king of them all.”

I thought for minute, and then decided to form a treaty saying they were not allowed to remain in this part of the world.

He was more than willing to agree to this term. In addition, he said, “he and his people will have gone by then”.  I took the girl and walked back to the town. On the way I found out, she was the king’s daughter and was missing for two months. In addition, she told me that I could stay there for a bit.  But I decided to go back to the rickety old barn I call home.

The King was overwhelmed and wanted me to marry his daughter. I simply looked at
him and said “But I’m not human.  Also I’m not quite house trained.”


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