GED 2014 Part 2

By Karen Bowen


Because most of CEO’s students are not computer literate, the new delivery system alone will be an obstacle. Students will need to know more content and engage in higher-level critical thinking and problem solving than currently required. As occurred with the implementation of the GED© 2002 test, incomplete test batteries will no longer be valid. This will affect millions of adult learners nationwide. Therefore, the drive to publicize the new changes has multiple areas of impact. Students should know that they will be faced with a new test in 2014, and that it’s time to finish off any dangling tests and complete the 2002 battery. Preparation programs must begin to develop resources now – new computers, new materials, and new teaching strategies. Stakeholders of all kinds from employers to case managers to training programs need to be made aware that GED© attainment will be more difficult; even high school guidance counselors should keep apprised of GED© developments so that they can help students considering dropping out to make informed choices. The GED© 2014 website listed above invites us to join the Closeout Campaign to help spread the word; signing up earns you a poster for display.

Preparing for the release of GED© 2014 seems like a daunting prospect, but with community support and determination, CEO will get there! For the sake of our students, we can’t afford not to.

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One Response to GED 2014 Part 2

  1. craigr244 says:

    The CEO clients are all very proud when they finally achieve their GED – for just a small donation we can make something really Big happen in their lives!

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