Dennis Cyr – CEO End of Summer Event Supporter!

Cyr Tax Consulting

Dennis Cyr – Cyr Tax Consulting

Dennis Cyr has served Community Educational Outreach as both treasure and board president.  He is the owner of Cyr Tax Consulting in Denver.

Dennis retired from the IRS in 2004 after almost 34 years of service where he held positions including Computer Audit Specialist Manager in the Los Angeles District. He also served as a tax shelter Branch Manager in the Laguna Niguel District and Chief Examination Division in the Denver District. Mr. Cyr also held other top-level positions as Executive for Compliance 2000 in the Southwest Region and Chief Small Business Research in Denver. Mr. Cyr received numerous performance awards during his career and was honored with the Hammer Award for his Leadership of a project that improved tax compliance of State and Local Government through the use of innovative non enforcement techniques.

Dennis generously provided support for the CEO End of Summer Event which raised important funds for our programs.


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