Big Day in The Rockies …

… as Team CEO experiences and supports the Triple ByPass 2012

We all came away with an entirely new perspective for this challenging mountain event!  The Triple ByPass is not for sissies.  More than 6,000 hardy souls participated in the July 14th and 15th weekend challenge – 3,500 on Saturday’s East-to-West run and 2,500 on Sunday’s return run.  Five hundred of the Sunday participants were two day entrees – riding the course both directions:  Three mountain passes (Vail – Loveland – Squaw) totaling 125 miles each way!

The CEO staff teams at each of the three major water aid stations met and spoke with at least a couple thousand riders – providing them with much needed water.  The event experienced lightning, rain, sleet, low and high temperatures (often within minues of one another), and gruelling riding conditions with extremely steep grades.  We witnessed two single gear bikes, two or three tandems – some throw back models (one over 40 years old) and we saw one mountain bike – could have been a few more.

The event raises funds for all the supporting non-profits – and CEO was a last minute addition – but played a major roll – equipping and staffing the three major water aid stations – which were all critical for riders in order to carry on!

Janet has Them on Their Way! – Vail Water Station

Jessica & Som – Rain Sets in at the Squaw Pass Water Station

Kellsie & Joanna – Team CEO for the Vail Water Station

Craig Fills a Vital Bottle – Vail Water Station


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