Thousands Cheer on Lil DD on D Day!

And so it came to pass that Lil’ DD overcame her fears, uncertainties, treacherous obstacles and her desire to stop at Starbucks and put on her make-up – Instead – on June 27th, in a parking lot on Kendall Street in Lakewood – a monstrous gathering of supporters, neighbors, curiosity seekers, demonstrators, occupiers, and more – cheered on Lil’ DD as she cruised right on by ICCS/CEO – Someone in the crowd took chase and steered her back into the parking lot about an hour later – But the day was a success for all.

Now for those of you who pledged – CEO thanks you from the bottom of our hearts.  For those of you who are stunned – you can still make a $37 donation (for the 37 mile round-trip) by visiting our Donation Page.

Who would have ever dreamed that………. Never mind – We didn’t think they could put a man on the moon either.

Lil DD hits the Road – June 27th – 2012

Lil DD’s Lil Bike – Resting at CEO

Lil DD’s Mentor Shows the Way


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