Alizay Furtado, Literacy Extraordinaire!

Alizay Furtado

Adult students with low literacy levels struggle much more than others in the working world and in the classroom setting. They often suffer from learning disabilities and lack of self confidence, and need the extra help to get them on track. CEO is lucky to have an effective, results driven literacy specialist, Alizay Furtado!

Alizay Furtado has been working with CEO since July of 2011. She works at ICCS Lakewood every Sunday to help meet the needs of our clients with low levels in reading. She also now works at the RECC teaching students who have been identified as 0-8th grade readers in one-on-one sessions. Occasionally she will address the needs of a small group of similar learners with topics such as active reading, reading test prep, or speed reading. Her passion for reading really shines through in her efforts. Thanks Alizay!


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