Lil’ DD: Overcoming Life’s Roadblocks

Have you ever hit a road block?  Yesterday, on a bike ride to map out the second half of my Bike 2 Work day route, I did…literally!  It made me realize how hard it can be to set a lofty goal, continue through the rough patches, and eventually accomplish it. 


Roadblocks Are Overcome


This is exactly what our adult students do each and every week.  They study for hours while struggling with a learning disability;  or apply to 20 jobs a week with a limited work history.  Like me, our clients must make a choice…either turn back and give up, or find a way around the barrier. 

Your support helps CEO provide alternative routes for our clients! Please consider a PLEDGE to support me and CEO’s efforts through my Bike 2 Work day adventure! 

On June 27th, I will bike 37 miles and have set the lofty goal of 100 people to sponsor me $1.00 per mile.  It’s not often that $37.00 can make such a HUGE difference in so many lives!

Just email your pledge to me or visit our website at and click on the “donate” button.

As for my road block, I thought about giving up.  Instead I walked my bike over some train tracks and crossed a busy street to find the trail again.  Eventually I made it to my destination.

Thank you all for your encouragement and support as I attempt the difficult goal of biking to work next week and as CEO continues the lofty goal of changing lives each day.

Dory Dannettell

Program Director
Community Educational Outreach
Direct: 720-544-5549
CEO office: 720-544-5548

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