Stout Street’s Own, Thomas LaFore!

Thomas LaFore, Instructor

CEO would like to welcome a recent addition to our team, Thomas LaFore! Thomas was among the first at CEO to start up the new program at the Stout Street Foundation. We are very excited to have Thomas as part of the CEO staff, and can’t wait to see the CEO-Stout Street Foundation program flourish. Here is a little more about Thomas:

Thomas LaFore was born in a small town in eastern Colorado–not far from Kansas border. He has been in the field of adult education for over 12 years. He landed his first teaching job as a part-time GED teacher for a non-profit organization after earning an undergraduate degree in English/Literature from the University of Colorado. Thomas earned a master’s degree in Adult Education and Creative Writing (the first in his family to earn such a degree) from Regis University. Presently, he is the lead teacher for the Adams County Public Schools ESOL program and he works part-time as a GED teacher for CEO. Thomas enjoys encouraging and challenging learners to be the finest citizens that they can be and he is very proud of his work with CEO.

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