Lil’ DD First Adventure

Training Begins for the Big Bike 2 Work Day!

Lil’ DD took the roads in what would prove to be an eventful first time out on the old two-wheeler.   Her plan was to begin slowly, working her way into her comfort zone in time.  So the first day found her embarking at the break of day, winding and finding her path through Broomfield.  Thankfully it was a weekend day and she was able to avoid the usual hustle and bustle of rush hour traffic.  There were some frustrations however – but nothing that could not be managed with a little determination.  Some dead-ends, some washed out gulleys – bike path segments under construction – unattended and ferocious Mexican Chihuahuas – and the like.  But late into the day – Lil’ DD approached what would prove to her first Training Day’s objective – She toodled into the parking lot of the Golden Bear bike shop to the exuberant cheers of the shop staff.

Lil’ DD chocked this one up as a victory – and success.  The staff lent additional assistance by showing making their Broomfield map available – Lil’ DD had covered the entire 12 blocks of travel from her home to the Golden Bear in a very satisfying 2 hours and 17 minutes!

How you Can Support Lil DD
and the Clients at CEO!

Visit our “Bike 2 Work Big Shift” Page to learn more!


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