Welcome Sonja!

Sonja Lindeman is the newest addition to our CEO staff. She has gladly accepted the postions of GED Instructor at the Division of Adult Parole site, as well as GED Instructor at CEO’s Stout Street site. She has many years experience in education and is excited to continue with adult education.

Sonja is from Ontario, Canada who naturally loves to ski in winter and ride motorcyles in our temperate climate of Colorado. Sonja is involved in adult education to broaden her skills as an accomplished classroom teacher who collaboratively communicates to ensure all students grow academically. She found CEO through a long time friend who works for Jefferson County Justice Department. Sonja volunteered as a tutor and now works for the Department of Corrections Parole and the Stout Street Foundation. She is having success in organizing, preparing, and delivering course material at both sites. Sonja is well versed using a variety of assessments before and after instruction Sonja is a dedicated education professional who excels at recognizing adversity and challenge, reframing these and facilitating positive formative experiences. She has worked in the Denver Public School System for over nine years.  She is working on her Teaching English to Speakers of Other Language certificate in Linguistically Diverse Education at the University of Colorado. Sonja enjoys using English as a Second Language teaching techniques with GED scholars.

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One Response to Welcome Sonja!

  1. Paula says:

    Congratulations to Sonja and CEO!

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