RRCC Transition Director Speaks at CEO

Kathleen Martinez - RRCC Transition Coordinator

Kathleen Martinez, the Transition Coordinator from Red Rocks Community College, met with about 15 clients currently residing within the Intervention Community Corrections Services program (ICCS) in Lakewood.  The two-hour program was set-up by Community Educational Outreach staff members.

Kathleen presented information to the clients relating to college enrollment, eligibility, financial aid – all from the perspective of assisting persons with DOC backgrounds.  The two-hour session focused on specifics of initial goal-setting, and then addressed past problems and challenges faced by persons with a felony history.

Red Rocks Community College is unique among local higher learning institutions through their establishment of a Transition Director and team to support persons facing post correctional life.  Learn more about Red Rocks Community College.  Visit the CEO website to learn how you can help support clients-in transition and adults-at-risk with education improvement.


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