CEO Welcomes Matthew Anfield!

Matthew Anfield is the new CEO Instructional Coordinator at Community Educational Outreach at the Lakewood facility.  He is currently serving in the afternoon/evening program.

Matthew Anfield - CEO Instructional Coordinator

CEO: Hello Matt.  Welcome aboard! Please share with us something about your background, education and experience.

MATTHEW: I was born in Aurora, CO but spent my schooling years in Estes Park Colorado.  After graduating from high-school I went in to the United States Marine Corps Reserves.  While in the Reserves I had the opportunity to go to school and pursue different career interests.  I worked for two years as an officer and a case worker at Nebraska State Penitentiary.

I decided to leave Nebraska to come back home and finish school.  While going to school at Metro State I worked at a residential facility for high risk youth.  Upon graduating from college with my BA and teachers license I was referred to a possible job opening in a correctional facility on Lakewood.  The rest is history.

CEO: Tell us a little about your responsibilities at CEO.

MATTHEW: While at CEO I will be gathering curriculum material for the classrooms, recruiting volunteers, and actively working to improve the delivery of our curriculum.  My focus right now is finding a variety of affordable and effective online education.

CEO: What do you find most fulfilling about working with adults at risk

MATTHEW: I enjoy working with adults who are committed to changing the way they approach life.  I think success is a learned behavior and we are in the lucky position to help people start a new way of approaching life that will benefit the people we serve and their families for a long time.

CEO: Matt, could you provide any advise for others who might be considering a career in the non-profit service sector?

MATTHEW: Don’t let any limitations you may think you have keep you from coming down and helping out.  Because more than providing knowledge we provide an atmosphere where students learn to create their own success, and it is your example of how not to give up that ultimately leads to them reaching their goals.


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One Response to CEO Welcomes Matthew Anfield!

  1. Shannon Hardi says:

    Anfield! I am glad to see your doing well my friend.

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