Kellsie Endres! Our New CEO Instructor!

Kellsie Endres recently joined the Community Educational Outreach instructional staff, working with the morning team at CEO.

Kellsie Endres - CEO's Newest Staff Member

CEO: Welcome aboard Kellsie!  Tell us a little about yourself.  Where did you grow up?  And tell us about your educational preparation and some of your interests.

KELLSIE: I grew up in Apple Valley, MN and moved to Colorado at the start of High School where I attended Mountain View High in beautiful Loveland, CO. From there I enjoyed my college career at the University of Northern Colorado, obtaining my degree in Anthropological Cultural Studies, a minor in Art History and Honors Leadership. During college I was fortunate enough to do a month long study abroad in Barcelona, Spain as well as do a two-month long back packing trip through 5 European countries with one of my sisters.

I absolutely love to travel, be outside, watch movies, dance and just experience life with the people I love!

CEO: How did you come into contact with CEO and why did you pursue a position with us?

KELLSIE: I first learned about CEO through a President’s Leadership Meeting at UNC. Immediately upon hearing about this organization my interest was peaked! I then volunteered throughout my Senior year at the Greeley facility.

CEO: When did you start with CEO and tell us something about your responsibilities at CEO.

KELLSIE: My first official day out of training was September 12th of this year.  Now I am a morning Instructor. Along with Orientation and general help I will teach the CRCF workshops on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and rotating Fridays. This primarily includes computer, interviewing, resume writing skills etc.

CEO:  What is most rewarding about your CEO teaching experience in the time that you have been here.

KELLSIE: As cliché as this may sound, it is when someone succeeds. When someone’s attitude goes from defeatist to motivated and they work hard and improve, there is an intrinsic reward for both student and teacher that is incredible!

CEO: Kellsie, we have many new volunteers coming into CEO and are being joined soon by several new Regis University freshmen students.  What advice would you have to offer for these new people as well as future CEO volunteers and staff members?

KELLSIE: Be friendly but firm!

Learn more about Community Educational Outreach on our web site – and make sure to visit our Volunteer page then consider teaming up with CEO!


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