Regis extends student service reach into the community

Regis University located in North Denver has announced plans to promote further student participation in community-based service programs.  According to Melissa Nix, Co-Director of Service Learning at Regis, “We want to connect students with community organizations to promote a mutual understanding and respect.” 

Melissa Nix - Regis U - Co Director, Service Learning

 This initiative complements the recent Regis Town Meeting conducted by the Social Justice Department at the school, where freshman class students met with community organizations to explore volunteer opportunities.  Community Educational Outreach participated in that event.  Freshmen have since visited the various non-profits and are in the process of making their service selections beginning in mid September and continuing throughout the year.

“Students from Regis are generally in classes wherein they connect their service with the learning obtained in the classroom,” Melissa explained.  She continued, “We ultimately hope to accomplish transformation in education and in the community.”  Melissa is in the process of contacting students in multiple departments, in their classroom settings to promote service.

Regis Freshmen Tour CEO Facility in Lakewood

Visit the Regis University web site
Learn more about CEO volunteering


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4 Responses to Regis extends student service reach into the community

  1. I was a grad student at Regis when I joined Americorps. At the time, I had to find my own non-profit to support. Luckily, I found CEO at a literacy information night. I’m glad to see that Regis is assisting students in this way. Definitely helps to find the organizations that fit a students interests and also fit the needs of the organization.

  2. No. I worked for CEO from 2004 to 2006. I live in Rockville, Maryland now. 🙂

  3. craigr244 says:

    If you ever have a chance send a little write up my way about your previous CEO experience – I could use it on our CEO Fall Newsletter! You can email to me at

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