Job Search at CEO – A Challenging Path to Success

CEO Clients depart in any weather on foot to the RTD bus stops to begin a day's job search in Denver

If you have ever been out of work for any period of time for reasons not of your own choosing, you probably know it was not a pleasant experience.  Looking for a job from a position of weakness (not being employed as you do so) is a disadvantage for most of us.

The Community Educational Outreach clients face an even more daunting task.  As part of their contract agreement for admission to Intervention Community Correction Services (ICCS) in Lakewood and Greeley, Colorado, they are required to actively seek and secure employment prior to their final transition into society.

You can read about the challenge these people face on a daily basis in this extracted CEO news story entitled “Out on the Streets” provided in this PDF format:
CEO – Client Job Search 01

Consider the obstacles that each of the client faces on job search including a limited family support network, often a lack of work experience, sometimes lengthy absences from work due to correction sentences, lack of education, former addictions and so on.

But the picture does get brighter.  Even in this economy a very high percentage of these job seekers do land and maintain employment.  Read more about their daily challenge, then consider lending support in the way of volunteering, donating, perhaps sponsoring a GED course of study for a small amount of your funds.

Statistics vouch for the success that employment plays toward overcoming a felony background – and preventing a relapse.  Visit the CEO web site to learn all about our exciting programs, and support opportunities for volunteers.

Read more about the activities, staff, volunteers, clients and events at CEO by visiting our News page.

Finally, consider becoming a volunteer or making a much appreciated donation to CEO – a non-profit 501c3 organization.  Your donation is tax-deductible.


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