Make a difference in the community – Sponsor a GED Student

At-Risk Adults Pursuing a New Beginning

You can sponsor an at-risk adult in the pursuit of their GED at Community Educational Outreach based in Lakewood, Colorado and serving Jefferson County, Parker in Douglas County and Weld County in Greeley.

For a small donation, you can defer the program and material costs required for the GED. Study materials and testing fees are currently $150.  This is a small cost considering the return on investment, but this amount is often out-of-the-reach of CEO students who have very limited funds.

CEO students are in the transition process either from incarceration or on referral by the Denver area court system for various offenses.  The goal of CEO is to provide educational guidance and instruction including assessment testing, providing hiring skills and life skills and overseeing an adult in-house and community-based GED program.

Reducing recidivism

Through focused educational programs, tutoring services, classroom work, and acquisition of computer skills and more, CEO works hand-in-hand to reduce the risk of re-entry into the penal system.

To learn more about CEO visit our website at  Visit our Donation Page to make an on-line donation.  Or call 303-921-8600 to learn more.  Also please visit our Volunteer Web Page to learn how you can make a huge difference in people’s lives right here in the Denver area or in Greeley in Weld County.

CEO is a 501c3 organization and all donations are tax deductible.


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