Own a Web Site? – Improve Search Results & Help CEO!

“Where in the World is my Web Site on Google”

Is this you?  A small business owner in Denver, selling your products and services along the front range and mainly in Denver – You have a really great offering – better than most of those pesky competitors – You built a web site – not a world beater by any means – but decent.  The site looks nice – has some great photos – actually looks better than that guy you always go up against.

But it is lost.  You’ve been doing Google searches now for over a year – it just doesn’t seem to be any where.  And yes – there is that pesky competitor’s rather bland looking site – coming up somewhere on the first page every time you do a search.  What the heck is going on here?

Benefit from an SEO Web Makeover – Support a Great Cause!

CEO announces a service for small local business web site owners in the Denver area, partnering with Denver’s Search4SmallGuy – a search optimization non-profit providing its search engine optimization services for tax deductible donations to CEO, a 501c3 non-profit.

Now it is time to give your web site the fighting chance it deserves.  You really do have a good product offering – and your business is running along pretty well.  But the old web site just isn’t carrying any weight. 

Here is How the Search Success Program Works

Get in touch with Search4SmallGuy (search4smallguy@aol.com)  – SFSG will take a look at your site and put together a summary, reporting on the status of about a half dozen or so basic – but very important Search Components.  The report will contain the information that you require to quickly bring your site up to fighting weight – quick – efficient and affordable.

Next step is we get together to go over the report while observing your site live on the Internet.  We will work through each basic SEO component, and then you will receive precise instructions and examples based on your business site – no generalizations – real world stuff.

Upon completion of our get-together you will be armed with exactly what you need to provide your site with the competitive edge it has been lacking.

Follow-Up – Back-Up – and Additional Assistance Available

After our meeting, SFSG will be available via phone or email to continue to field questions and help out. Should you require additional support – SFSG is available to provide hands on content writing for your targeted pages as well – and in kind would only request a corresponding reciprocal donation to CEO.  But again, you would determine the amount.

No Contracts – Just Trust

You don’t have to sign any contracts or provide any 1099’s or fill out any other paper work – and you are not obligated under any binding agreement to make a donation.  Everything happens on a handshake.

The Cost? – A Charitable Donation to CEO!

Tight budget?  This is the really good news. The cost to you for this service is a donation to Community Educational Outreach.  You determine the amount of your donation and make it directly to CEO via our donation page after we have our summary meeting and you have your report tucked in hand.  All funds donated go to support CEO!  And your deduction is tax deductible.

Visit the Search4SmallGuy Blog to learn even more about the Search Success Program for CEO!


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